Mr. Speaker7 Goes to Washington

So Mr. Speaker7 won his local election.

I think my elation can be best summed up in a series of gifs:

You can’t top Van Damme’s dance moves.

Thanks to all everyone’s kind wishes. Now comes the part with the governing and shit.

Speaker7, who is now an official politician’s wife bitches!!!!, is writing a post every day as part of the Nano Poblano Team. She would like you to vote for less days in November.


  1. Congratulations and hooray! I do have one important question: How does Hugo feel about being the half-puppet behind the woman behind the man?

    Hooray to all members of your family, great and strange! 😉

  2. Congrats to your baby daddy! Now is the time for you guys to become swingers, and start a scandal that will rock your local community.

    Van Damme’s dancing is equal parts awful and wonderful.

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