Contact Speaker7

Wow…you really clicked here. Awesome.

I’ve set up this contact page because I’m thinking someone somewhere might want to pay me to write something.

Here’s what I can write about:

  • turds
  • meaning of life

I charge by the foot.

Send any inquiries to


  1. I love your page! I can’t get enough!!! I am supposed to be organizing and packing but I am reading instead. I can’t get enough of the 50 shades recaps, I am SO glad someone did this!!!

  2. Having the weight of a real job and a couple of small people (children, not midgets) relying on me, I am grateful to catch a laugh when I can. Thanks for giving me one today. A fledgling blogger myself, I am enjoying the fact that I can turn on my laptop and find lots of other weirdos out there besides myself. Looking forward to following your blog!

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