status update


Change is hard.

I remember when my parents were about to drop me off at college, I made the announcement “Thanks for the lift, but I believe I will be going home with you.” I felt I had given it the ole college try although I hadn’t actually set foot on campus, but I wanted my life to remain unchanged.

So I get it. I understand. Facebook has changed its newsfeed and your life is in a #$!!@%$ tailspin. At least it seems that way from the amount of times you keep posting it as your status update, which I’m reading using the new newsfeed. Look, I drew you this picture:

Aw snap.

There seems to be two camps: those whose lives are in $#(@*! tailspin and those who post things like “An innocent man was executed today and everyone is upset about Facebook changing.” The former should probably get a bit of perspective and the latter should realize posting that kind of status update on Facebook makes you look a bit like a self-righteous prick, especially since you posted that right after posting a skateboarding video.  By the way, a dog was shot during the time it took you to upload that video so I hope you’re happy.

I am in neither camp. I don’t participate in Facebook enough. I use it to keep track of “friends” birthdays so this way I can post a generically short “Happy Birthday!” and never have to use the phone again.

I have noticed that I seem to see more of people’s daily astrological missives before I get to the status updates challenging me to copy something to my status update thereby curing world hunger. I have yet to do it because I’m all about the status quo.

While the times they are a-changing, I will leave you with this: While you were reading this blog, an innocent man was changing his status update.

Chew on that.