The Doppleganger is Not My Son

One should never indulge one’s doppelgänger.

I have one. Speaker7doppelganger was created when I cruelly packed my old blog address’s bag and sent it packing. She then appeared on my doorstep, calling me mama. She stayed a few days until we appeared on the Maury Povich show, and Maury revealed the paternity results. I am NOT Speaker7doppelganger’s father. Mau-ry! Mau-ry! Maur-y!

She still bothers me though. She insists that I let my readers know when she publishes a blog. She whines in a way that would make Fran Drescher’s voice sound like Vivaldi.

So I’m letting you know, she published a post.

She said anyone who reads it can take the image posted below and use it as a screen saver:

She is diabolical. Because America is soooo cute.