sixteen candles

“I Can’t Believe it. [WordPress] F@$$%% Forgot My Birthday.”

Well not actually.  I mean it didn’t know it was my birthday so it couldn’t really *forget* my birthday.

But what wordpress did do is fail to send out an email to subscribers letting them know I had a new post. And this was worse. It’s like presenting me with a lit birthday cake and smashing it into my face.

I deduced this by asking a loyal subscriber if he had received an email this morning, and he said “no.” I should star in my own reality-television version of CSI with my mad detecting skills.

So all day, I was wondering why so few people clicked on the page. And I cried a little and I played a tiny violin and cried because I can’t play the violin so I tried my son’s Fisher Price bongos and that cheered my up until I went back online and saw I had no hits and I cried a little and this cycle continued for 10 hours.

This does not help my self-esteem, wordpress. Do you remember how I wrote that birthday post for my smarter, more superior brother?  Yeah, you made that freshly pressed. And my birthday? You ignored.

So this is my story and this is my test, wordpress.

This is only a test.