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Canadica is Coming

Canadica begins tomorrow.

It is blog that will tell you everything you want to know about Canada, which is in the northern part of the United States.

I’ve just been informed that Canada is its own separate country. Really? Okay.

So the blog will be about Canada things, which will seem like Maine, but not real Maine-y. Because apparently Canada is its own sovereign nation. I am now thinking I will need to rewrite my Canadica blog post about Canada being the stupidest of the 45 states.

Oh, that’s right or write? I’m righting writing for it along with much more talented bloggers that likely already knew Canada was its own separate place with a flag, an anthem and a sex tape.

The first blog post will be written by Canadica’s creator Sweetmother. She has written a much more coherent post about Canadica here.

The point is you should follow it. Doesn’t this picture alone make you want to follow it?

It should.

Here’s how.