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What’s Ur Look?

I bet you did not know this about me, but I am a girly girl thru & thru whether I’m heading 2 school or a party, I’m always sure 2 be perfectly turned out. I learned this from taking the geoGIRL Look Finder quiz.

Apparently what U choose to be in the future has a direct bearing on the type of feather mascara U should glob onto Ur eyelashes. These are the professions currently open to women: marine biologist; artist, or maybe fashion designer, or maybe rock star; president of the Younited States; and an elementary school teacher. I, of course, picked middle-aged marketer attempting desperately to sound like a tween girl by never using the word “you” and zombifying the nation’s youth.

What’s Ur look?

geoGIRL is a make-up line designed for girls ages 8 to 12, and contains anti-aging elements because let’s face it, by 8 a girl begins to look a little haggard :(. But it’s more than that–it’s also about joining 2-gether to save the planet one bronzer at a time. See the packaging is recyclable so it’s almost as good as the time when young girls did not purchase make up created exclusively for them ;).

Rather than wasting time reading, playing a sport or waiting for puberty, a third-grader can spend her time learning how to blend flavors of lip gloss together to create a taste sensation almost like a fruit parfait ¦0?!! It even has 2NTE lip treatment, a goodnight kiss for lips, so U don’t wake up the next morning with dried lips and scare the guy next to U….er….teddy bear next to U.

I think my favorite part might be the exclusive geoGIRL music video, showing young children with globs of blue eyeshadow.

For your enjoyment: