Speaker7 Moves to Canada

Not really, but I do have a new post up today at Canadica. I’m hoping this is the correct link. If that didn’t work, just click on Canadica and it will take you there.

Just so you know and won’t succumb to any weeping, it will take me some time to respond to any comments because:

  1. I just moved
  2. My Internet connection has not been hooked up yet
  3. My tonsils are being removed today by salad tongs
  4. I may possibly dribble popsicle juice onto my laptop

The good news, I will have plenty of time to catch up on my blog reading (when my #@&!&^$ Internet is hooked up and if I’m not vomiting blood). I have been remiss in reading all of your wonderful posts and wittily replying with comments like “turd nugget.” I know you have missed that.

I also recall promising a reader giveaway thingy, and telling a few of you that I would be sending interview questions. Didn’t happen because moving is a giant suckfest of suckitude suckness. It will happen.

Here are the people who responded with a reason why Hugo should interview them and will see their name in lights in 2013. If I missed you or you don’t want this great distinction of Hugo adding your picture to his “People-to-lurk-at” wall, please let me know.

Le Clown, H.E. Ellis, Ned’s Blog, Jules of Go Jules Go, Dutifully Broken, Alice at Wonderland, Madame Weebles, Adam S., Vyvacious, Mollie and Alfie, Artsifrtsy, Jen and Tonic, 1pointperspective, shapelle, merbear264, GiggsMcGill Jill, Wendy Reid, jdanryan, Rule of Stupid, Emily at the Waiting, Lynette d’Arty-Cross, Twindaddy, Nancy of Not Quite Old, Lyssapants, iRuniBreathe, She’s a Maineiac, Michelle Stodden, and my BBFF Angie Z of Childhood Relived even though she said she was exempt.

Canadica or Bust!

I have a new post up at Canadica, the longest undefended blog in the world. I had meant to publish it Wednesday, but am still figuring out the mystery that is calendars.

Wow, they are amazing, aren’t they? With their dates and their days with the different dates instead of the same date like I thought so that’s why this was published on the wrong date.

Yes, I teach children.

Canadica is Coming

Canadica begins tomorrow.

It is blog that will tell you everything you want to know about Canada, which is in the northern part of the United States.

I’ve just been informed that Canada is its own separate country. Really? Okay.

So the blog will be about Canada things, which will seem like Maine, but not real Maine-y. Because apparently Canada is its own sovereign nation. I am now thinking I will need to rewrite my Canadica blog post about Canada being the stupidest of the 45 states.

Oh, that’s right or write? I’m righting writing for it along with much more talented bloggers that likely already knew Canada was its own separate place with a flag, an anthem and a sex tape.

The first blog post will be written by Canadica’s creator Sweetmother. She has written a much more coherent post about Canadica here.

The point is you should follow it. Doesn’t this picture alone make you want to follow it?

It should.

Here’s how.