blogging duel

Alexander Hamilton Ain’t Got Nuthin on Me

Okay here’s what’s happenin’.

I’ve been forced into a blogging duel by a maniacal clown.

This, apparently, is me:

You realize there is no possible way to say no to a clown. That’s why they continue to perform at children’s birthday parties even though everyone hates them.

I’m ‘spose to square off against a team assembled by a half-man/half-dog, at least I think that’s what he is. And the “great” thing is the reader gets to choose what I write about. Awesome, right? Except what if some “funny” guy says “Write about butt plugs.” That’s offensive to my lady sense-a-ma-stuff.

Oh wait. . . I write about butt plugs all the time. I might actually win that one.

But what if the “funny” guy says “Write about poetry” or “Write about your feelings” for christ’s sake! I don’t do emotion. I bottle that shit up until it pours out my orifices like wastewater treatment plant sludge.

So this is where I need your help. Go comment on Le Clown’s blog and give me some workable topics, i.e. topics I’ve already written about so I can just plagiarize an old blog post.

Here is an acceptable list:

  • turds
  • fleece unitards

I realize now that Alexander Hamilton lost in that duel with Aaron Burr. This does not bode well.

Addendum: My fellow duel mate Madame Weebles made me this medal to acknowledge the sacrifices my brain has made in processing the garbled sentences contained inside Fifty Shats of Grey.

To honor her, I plan on using someone else’s brain to write a post that will kick some serious down there in the upcoming duel.