The Fun Will Never End

That’s not entirely true. The fun will end this Friday, but it feels like it will never end and that’s what’s only important–feelings.

If you haven’t a clue what I’m yammering about, I’m speaking of Le Clown’s Festival of Secular. Since Monday, Le Clown has displayed an anonymous post and it’s up to you to guess who wrote it. Your choices are:

Even if you’re late to the game, you can still visit the Monday and Tuesday posts and make your guess. Any post you think is the best is the one that I wrote.

Have I mentioned the prizes? Oh, I just did. They will be something fantastic like sauna-pants fantastic.

Play today!


  1. I actually woke up this morning and was like “I wonder if the new post is up on Le Clown’s blog.” That’s sad and yet impressive. It’s not like there’s anything else to look forward to in the coming days.

  2. A short while ago, you posted a wordle of your blog. It taught the world you most often mention ‘Fuck’ and ‘Donald Trump’…since they are absent from Monday’s and Tuesday’s post, I’m gonna have to assume yours is still due.
    Indeed, Sherlock’s an amateur compared to me.

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