Shit’s Gettin Real

Wow…that’s a terrible title, but probably will help you pick my post out of the line up.

That’s right! It’s day 2 in the “Who Wrote This Post” contest over at Le Clown’s Clown Car Round-up

If you’re late to the game, you still have a shot to post a comment and guess who wrote the anonymous posts. You have the following choices:

There’s also a chance the post was written by Donald Trump or some other fictional character.

To give you a heads up, my post will not contain any Hugo reference or my standard stock photo nonsense like so:


There are prizes! My prize is a picture of Hugo twerking on Miley Cyrus’s tongue. If that’s not incentive enough, I don’t know what is.


      1. I’m playing and I’m winning. I think. So far I got Rara on day one, and Jen today. I’m probably way the fuck off. Or I’m winning. One or the other.

    1. “I’m probably way the fuck off. Or I’m winning.”

      Why does that make me think of Charlie Sheen in his coked-up glory? Nah, can’t be. Just a quick look at your blog, man, and I think you’ve got way better chances than that guy.

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