The Most Dangerous Game

No, not really, but I am participating in this cool “Guess Who Wrote This?” game over at Le Clown’s Clown Emporium.

Every day this week, an anonymous holiday post will run and you have to guess who wrote it. It could be Le Clown, Madame Weebles, Rarasaur, Jen of Sips of Jen and Tonic or me.

Or it could have been miraculized into being by White Baby Jesus. That’s how tricky this guessing game is.

I’m trying so hard not to give it away, but my piece has stuff in it and things too. And it’s running on a day that ends in “day.”


I totally just gave it away.

So please visit all week and boost up Le Clown’s stats (Dammit!!! Now I know why he did this!!!!) whilst mine continue their dive down the toilet.

I believe there are prizes. One is a $35-off coupon for a free lobotomy performed by Hugo. I realize that makes no sense, but I find it best never to question him.

Make me proud, people.


  1. Ooo this sounds fun. I am intrigued & looking forward.

    He may have made it a little too easy though seeing as you all have very distinctive writing voices. Unless y’all are going to fake it. Which wouldn’t be very nice. 😉

    1. Jolie,
      We tried to take away our distinctive markers: Speaker7 won’t have any Hugo (who has been sending me death threats since…), no Geddy Lee or dead people from Weebs, no cussing nor magnificent from me, and so on… If readers guess right in numbers, then I’ll be happy to celebrate some of my favourite writers’ very distinct voices.
      Le Clown

  2. I must say, I like this little event. I’m just discovering all of your blogs and I’m really enjoying them. And I’m a tremendous guessed so I think I’ve got it in the bag. We’ll see, though.

    Anywho, keep up the good stuff. I’m sure I’ll be back around


    1. Welcome to the land of Speaker7! First, let me apologize for calling this blog “the land of Speaker7,” that was incredibly lame. And second, I don’t have a second.

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