Hugo Gives Thanks

Hugo feels he has not been in the spotlight enough during the daily posting fecal maelstrom known as NaBloWriMo so I decided to let him share what he’s thankful for this Thanksgiving.

hugothanksOkay. Not too creepy. I like the hat.

hugothanks2Aw, that’s kind of sweet, Hugo.

hugothanks3Okay, this is getting a bit weird.


hugothanks5Maybe talk about something else?



hugothanks8Okay, I’m going to stop this….what? You have one more, Hugo?

Fine. Go ahead.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Speaker7 is engorging on gravy today, the greatest day of all. She has only a few posts left thank gravy!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Speaker 7. I needed a good laugh first thing this morning! And is that a child’s holiday art project I view on Hugo’s head? He will be well decorated these years to come!

      1. What a guy!! Is he single? I’m available…

        Once No No Blow No is over, c’mon over and check me out. I just posted something today, and I’m SCARED of what people may say.
        Or not say at all.

  2. How you manage to get that Thanksgiving headdress on Hugo’s head without him severing your arm? Also, I am profoundly ensaddened that Hugo didn’t mention me as one of his spiritual wives. I’m going to drown someone in my sorrow now.

  3. Hahaha! Ah, Hugo, you psychotic scamp, you! Have you thought of playing Edward? It’d be the same as Christian, only you’d have to wear body glitter. You’d have to be better than that insipid RPatz.

  4. I know it’s better to leave a funny comment to reflect how funny a post is, but I can’t stop laughing long enough to use my tiny, wee female brain.

    I love this so, so much. Please tell Hugo my doors are always unlocked. And to bring the hat.

  5. Oh dear, oh dear, I’m still chuckling over “fecal maelstrom” in regards to NaBloPoMo. I hope your Thanksgiving was good, and not suckage. I am still picking over remains of the turkey carcass, for soup and such. We can save a thought for Hugo when we finally break the wishbone, if he desires.

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