Half-Way There

I swear when I participated in NaBloWriMo last year, November was shorter–like they combined Saxophone Day with Make Your Own Head Day to create Make Your Own Head Resemble a Saxophone Day.

There were less days.

I thought I would feel better getting to the halfway mark, but I’ve mainly been feeling this:

There’s still 15 more to go, and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here. All that’s left are a few monkey turds from the time when it was fun.

I’m still out in the real world (i.e. without Internet access) so I’m recycling my gif gimmick for today.

Speaker7 Presents How Speaker7 Will Get Through The Next 15 Days:

Speaker7 is writing…um….stuff? Okay, that works. So she’s. . .uh….yeah I’ve got nothing. But check out other members of the Nano Poblano team over at rarasaur, they likely have something.


  1. Your gif gimmick comes across as a series of freeze frames on my iPhone, but now I have a better idea what it must feel like to be inside your head at this halfway mark in your masochism. At least one of us is entertained.

  2. You’re a rock star. Even 2 of your sentences are enough to get my day started.

    I’ve held off commenting, because I hate my stupid-ass blog, but I couldn’t stop myself. You’re hilarious. Even funnier than me, and I’m funny.

      1. I am honored!

        You are a goddess! I hope you will visit my new real blog when I put it up.

        In the meantime, how the f*** do I link this post to the daily prompt?????

      1. Well it’s November – the right time of the year to be desperate – spring so far away, summer gone for (as it seems) no return – I think that is why they made November National Novel writing month – not April …

  3. Omg I love those so much. And I totally feel your pain. Come on December – big bucks no wammies…You’re going fantastic(ly?) – keep up the great work lady!

    1. I’m trying to remember why this seemed like a good idea? Alcohol, maybe. I remember one time–after drinking–I made some noise about wanting to plan a high school reunion. Just for the record I hate high school and reunions.

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