Ssshhhh!!! I’m Writing a Post About Librarians

For the next two days, I will be attending a librarian conference and will be without Internet access.

Let me just repeat that.

I will be without Internet access for two days during NaBloWriMo. I am committed to a daily post and I will be without Internet access for two days.

Any way, you may be wondering what exactly happens at a librarian conference.

Well there’s workshops on all kinds of stuff, like:

  • bun accessorizinghotbuns
  • Shushing techniquesshushingtechnique
  • Dewey Decimal Trivia


  • Primal Scream Therapy sessions directed at Googleprimalscreamtherapy

It’s not all work.

There’s alloted time to get to know other librarians and socialize:


Speaker7 will not be able to comment for a few days but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. She does, however, hate NaBloWriMo.


  1. Was this conference scheduled when you signed up for NaBloWriMo? Did you know there would be a two-day gap? I think that’s called passive/aggressive. Technically, you could write two posts now and time them to post over the next two days. Just sayin’…

    1. I sort of forgot about the conference when I signed up for the NaBloWriMo trainwreck. The Monday before sucked really hard because I felt like I was working in a post-writing factory and there was little ventilation.

  2. OMG – you are entering the dead zone – be afraid, be very afraid! Seriously though, I was once a librarian but that was long ago and in another galaxy. To be precise I was an Architectural Librarian and we are/were a rare breed. We had many a conference and they were either manic or tedious. Mind you this was in the pre-interwebby days and there was certainly no NaBloWriMo back then. Aliceatwonderland has made a very accurate comment – perhaps you need to follow it up.

    1. It was a decent conference. There was one workshop where the presenter showed me how to use a website…um…thanks? Did you realize those search boxes allow you to put searches in them? Mind blown.

  3. It seems quite the desperate move to get out of writing for a couple of days. You do have a vivid imagination. Should we question the authenticity of this “conference”? Maybe we should ask for a note from the conference people. “Please excuse Speaker7 from writing for 2 days during NaBloWriMo…”

  4. A librarian conference? What happens when one of you starts talking too loud? Does the shushing lead to even more shushing of the shushing until it escalates into a fistfight, hair-pulling with Hot Buns flying everywhere?

  5. Have fun (?!) at your conference. I must say that I don’t think librarians are obsolete! You are the tomato to my BLT (as I am a high school English teacher!) Have some vino at the conference – lots of vino!

  6. I’ve been to some delightful conferences over the years. I tend to go to attend ones which are located in the conference rooms of large casino hotels. If things get too dry, I take a 2 hour pee break and loose some money.

  7. Librarian conference!! I am only a lowly library assistant with hair too short for a bun. I do have sexy librarian glasses though. I’m very interested in this Primal Scream therapy you speak of, though I probably just feel this way after dealing with people all day in the Circ department. Have fun? 🙂

  8. I love what you did with the crying lady! Awesome! Hay, do have fun. Inthe meantime, I’ll just get caught up with your other posts. We’re NaBloPoMo mates, btw.

  9. Makes me think my best friends from college who ALSO had librarians for mothers. Our initials happen to be ALA (American Library Association), what odds!

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