Deep Thoughts with Hugo

You may have seen an earlier post in this scorching hemorrhoid known as NaBloWriMo where I inspired the world.

Well Hugo has been busy coming up with his own inspiration. For new readers, Hugo is a creepy half-man puppet who lives in my house. Do not look directly into his eyes.

I apologize in advance:







hugodeepthought3Hugo is helping Speaker7 get through this shitfuck month of writing a daily post as a member of Nano Poblano Team. Theres’s a 97 percent chance that Hugo is lurking outside your window this very moment. 


  1. It’s fascinating that Hugo has such balls without even having a lower body. Maybe that can be attributed to his being a New York Times reader or does he just peruse it in a futile search for its funny pages? Good luck with that now that Anthony Wiener has gone back under the rock where he belongs.

  2. Hugo has inspired me. If he can do all that, I can do much more considering I have a lower body AND, I am alive. Also, I finally understand why they say ‘love kills.’ Funny post.

  3. Hugo – we know you are a prisoner of Speaker 7. Do not worry we will find where you are incarcerated and will release you. Never again will you have to suffer the ignomenies of being portrayed together with garden debris.
    PS: I lurvve you Hugo – no pressure,

  4. This is actually very helpful. As you know, I’m fairly new around these parts and I wasn’t quite sure who this Hugo person was. A deity, I supposed. I didn’t want to ask because then I’d surrender my cool-kid panache by looking like I’m not in the know. Problem solved.

  5. The “I’m outside your house right now” once killed me. Because he really is, isn’t he?

    And when is Hugo getting his own blog? You should do it for the shits and giggles. See how many times he gets Freshly Pressed.

  6. Seriously, for the last six nights I have found Hugo in my bed. In my BED. He just kind of lollops there. Staring at me. I tried asking him to move, and do you know what he said? Absolutely nothing. Stalking is one thing, ignoring someone one when they’re asking you a question is just rude.

  7. I have to tell you, I was on a conference call when I read this because I really pay attention at work. I started laughing, and the guy on the other end thought I thought he was amusing. I got a great deal on an advertising package so thanks for that!

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