Is Gangnam Style Still Fresh?

You know, I never really thought about it until YouTube emailed me.

YouTube initially guilted me for forgetting Gangnam Style’s 1-year-old birthday and then posited that existential question:


I really wanted to answer: “Fuck yes, it is!” But before I did, I figured I should ask YouTube since that’s what the computer was telling me to do and you do not say no to your computer, amirite humans?

YouTube was surprisingly reticient. It wanted to show me parodies of the song, but didn’t–or wouldn’t–provide the answer.

This was a journey of discovery I had to make on my own.

I figured I should probably watch the video having never seen it, but jesus, who has that kind of time? Those candies aren’t going to crush themselves.

Apparently 1.7 billion people found the time. I am lazier than 1.7 billion people.

I decided to consult a trusted advisor.

hugoganghamHugo, I’m sorry to disturb you, but I need to know if Gangham Style is still fresh a year later.

hugogangham2True, but not very helpful.

Nowhere closer to an answer, I looked it up in the dictionary and realized I had been spelling it “gingham” all along.  Gangnam is something like the Korean version of the soul-killing phrase YOLO, which is an acronym for “Nearly as Annoying as You Go Girl”

What makes something fresh? Doesn’t everything–except radioactive isotopes and styrofoam lunch trays–have an expiration date? I would think anything Internet-based is fresh for about as long as it takes to pin The Towel Workout onto a Pinterest board.

Mathematical formula: Viral video + Today show - quinoa recipe - sharkando = freshness.

Mathematical formula: Viral video + Today show – quinoa recipe – sharkando = freshness.

I guess since YouTube is still talking about Gangnam Style a year later means it is still relatively fresh so I will stick by my original response because, after all, you only live once and you go girl.


  1. “You are a sad, little woman”–god, if I had a nickel for every time I hear THAT on a typical day.

    Gangnam style is alive and well. How do I know this? I recently witnessed him dancing with mutant almonds in a TV commercial.

    1. Mutant almonds? Do they know those California Raisin guys? Those are definitely not fresh.
      I also hear “You are a sad, little woman” quite often. In fact, Sad Pony told me that just this morning.

      1. Do you think YouTube will also send an email on the one-year anniversary of the mutant almond gangnam style commercial?

      1. I have that horrible new Corey Feldman song “Ascension Millenium” in my head nowadays. Don’t look the video up on YouTube as it will destroy your life.

  2. All you need to know about “Gangnam Style” is the title, since that’s about the only understandable word save “Hey, Sexy Lady.” I’m sure the Korean part is just as sophisticated. And those MC Hammer pants never go out of style.

  3. I’m sorry, I was distracted by the “click here for a video of Kim Kardashian’s uterus performing Gangnam Style” on that first image. Show that to Hugo and I think he will be singing a different tune.

  4. Oh HUGO. Those glasses! “Those candies aren’t going to crush themselves.” HA.

    I got a strange thrill that we both mentioned Sharknado in today’s blog post.

    1. Maybe the new saying could be YOLOUYBIRSMISRWID (You Only Live Once Unless You Believe In Reincarnation So Maybe I Should Rethink What I’m Doing)

  5. I got that email too! I can honestly say I would not have given the matter thought if YouTube hadn’t helpfully steered me in that direction.

    And it’s a silly question. It will always be fresh. Did anyone ever get tired of “The Macarena”? No. “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Of course not.

  6. Personally, Gangnam Style reached it’s expiration date with me as soon as I finished watching it last September when I think “only” 380 million had checked it out. Yes, I like being among the first to see what’s trending. Why chubby, middle age, average looking Psy, ridiculously riding an invisible horse like a nerd, surrounded by nubile adoring nymphs that quaffed the Kool-Aid, resonates globally is beyond me … As popular as that video and song is today, I think that it’s predominantly of this moment in time. I predict that 30 years from now when that melody streams in a supermarket, elevator or high colonic clinic, people that were among the nearly 2 billion that checked their brains at the door over it in 2012-13 will go out of the little that’s left of their minds trying to remember what song that was in 2043.

  7. Huh. Apparently YouTube doesn’t care what I think about this important matter.

    For the record: it’s still fresh. I know because whenever I play with my cats with a laser pointer, I hear a version of the song, but the voices inside my head sing “laser time” instead of “Gangnam style”. Wait — does the fact that I hear voices in my head singing about my cats make me sound crazy? If so then, um, never mind.

    1. Of course the fact that you hear voices in your head singing about your cats doesn’t make you sound crazy. Now, if the voices in your head were your cats singing about you, that might be different ….

  8. Speaker7,
    In this house, we dance to the beat of Rebecca Black. Cause it is always Friday in la casa del la fantastica.
    Le Clown

  9. Sadly, whether I think it’s fresh or not (personally, I think it’s so stale that if it were bread, I’d feel guilty leaving it for the birds) it’s inescapable. I live and teach in South Korea and this song follows me everywhere. Clubs, coffee shops, bars….even between classes as I try to nap at my desk, students will enthusiastically dance Gangnam Style around me while singing ‘Heeey, sh-exy lady’. Which frankly, leaves me feeling a little objectified for one thing. It also just doesn’t really feel like something elementary school kids should be saying to their teacher, no matter how true it is.

    And now, there’s ‘Mother, Father, Gentleman’ to deal with. It could be time to leave the country.

  10. It’s questions like this that really keep the world going round. I’m delighted YouTube is considering such weighty issues.
    And by the way, I am about to do a towel-toning exercise RIGHT NOW. Because this shit’s just got real.

  11. If Youtube has to ask if Gangnam style is fresh, it’s already a sign that it isn’t. It’s like smelling the milk in the carton: if it results in you saying “wellllllll……” – it means that maybe the milk isn’t poison yet, but certainly not fresh anymore.

  12. I’m a little behind on my reading S7. 🙂 I think fresh is while it is still making people want to dance when they hear it. I think, at this point, that even kids grown when this song is played now. My answer…no, not fresh. But then again, what do I know.

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