Vote for Speaker7 for World Domination

Not quite that exactly.

But I have been nominated to be included in the Top 25 humor blogs at I’d like to thank Tracy of Logyexpress for nominating me.

Let’s face it. I’m as funny as a plate of spaghetti in the rain.

Check this out: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because…um…fuck…

Wasn’t that great? Stock photo guy thinks so:


To vote for me, go here and click the like button under my nomination. I’ve noticed that all other nominees already have their likes licked except for me because I’m late to the game.

Voting ends Thursday and when if I win, I will take over the world be happy, yo.


  1. After twenty minutes of trying to figure out how to sign in with facebook, I was finally able to vote. It’s a testament to my fanship. Speaker 7 = no suckage.

    1. I wish I had you on board as my campaign manager because Speaker7 = no suckage sings to me. Thanks for not giving up on wonky voting mechanisms. This will give me ammunition when I demand a recount.

  2. Went round and round a few times but voted. WOOT. You are so much better than those other blogs I didn’t bother to look at because they clearly are full of suckage unlike you who I bet is the only one with an evil puppet mascot. Those others? Losers.

    1. I thank you for handily dismissing everyone else without even looking at them. That is a true friend, but it is like we’re war buddies since we went through the Fifty Shades War together.

  3. Speaker7 I have failed you. I joined Facebook for you. But I failed to like you. I am a technological moron. And I don’t Facebook. Now if there was a ButBook, you know I’d figure that one out.

    1. Elyse,
      You can never fail me. Especially now that you have given me the chestnut of ButBook. Don’t worry, I will not leave you out like Zuckerberg did with those Winkelvossnessenss twins.

      1. But you need two Ts in BUTT to represent me accurately. Otherwise, I’ll sue.

        And I really did join Facebook. Just for you.

      1. *Fist bump.* Ahhhhh! I want to shout it from the rooftops! Just saying “fuck” every sentence and hating on your husband does not make you funny! Although, because of the “fuck” in here, this comment is now the funniest thing I’ve ever written.

      1. I’m really replying to List of X, not myself…maybe it’s just going to be me. I got a couple of emails from them right after I registered, but the other emails I’m getting are just notifications that others have liked or commented on my nomination. So maybe if you just vote, you’ll be spared from a bunch of emails.

  4. I meant to give you a heads up about the nomination, but then I crushed my big toe with a heavy door and have been sobbing in the fetal position ever since. That shit hurts. I hope you win.

  5. I feel like I have no idea what’s going on and yet I think I somehow managed to cast my vote. I’m not sure if I want you to tell me whether or not I did it wrong, but if you need me, I’ll be over here eating some spaghetti that’s as watered down as my blog humor.

  6. It turns out that I am too blond to operate the interface of their website. I’m so very sorry.
    You are the most hilarious, though, even your response-comments cracked me up (I read them ALL).

  7. Well deserved. Okay. I have clicked over on that link three times, twice yesterday and just now, and feel blessedly validated that I am the dumbest of dumb. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to vote for you. I can’t even find the list of 25 blogs it mentions. If there is a list of the dumbest 25 bloggers, let me know and I’ll attempt to vote for myself.

    Forgive me if you lose by one.

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