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We’ll get to that later.

Today is le day of le birth of Le Clown. If it had fallen on a Monday, we would have likely gotten a day off from work.

Something to live for next year, I guess.

The Ringmistress (Le Ringmistress if you are Quebecian) has planned a special birthday surprise for his magnificence™ that I can only assume involves a clown car and monkeys. I am a pawn in this surprise. This post will give Le Birthday Boy™ a letter of le alphabet and a nudged to the next stop on le Scavenger Hunt.

This is why I’ve called in the big guns.


Hugo, are those my tonsils?


That looks like something a serial killer drew.


So what is the super cryptic clue you came up with that will leave Le Clown puzzling for hours?


You’re a regular Sphinx, you know that. So where does he head now?


Fulk if I know too. I am also a Sphinx.

Happy Birthday, dear friend. Although you are older, thankfully you are not wiser.


  1. Hey, it’s my birthday, today as well. I shall have to go share some birthday joy with LeClown…I haven’t any tonsils to give him (well, I still have them but they are still attached). I wonder if he would like a kidney stone?

  2. Speaker7 you and Hugo are awesome.

    I am out of order — am I allowed to follow the clues randomly and wish Le Clown a Happy Groundhog Day? No? Shit.

    Happy Birthday, Le Clown.

  3. Speaker7,
    Did you and Ego, I mean, Hugo hear me laughing from my bed? And it was not because of dilaudid… Fuckin’ A… Off to La Tracy Fulks! Thank you, She-Who-I-Know-Her-Real-Name-But-Won’t-Say-Anything-That-Could-Compromise-You-Gertrude.
    Le Clown

    1. Le Clown,
      Be careful. I hear dialudid can cause giggling to turn into rage-giggling. I think that’s one of the side effects as well as balloon feet. Happy Birthday!

      1. I think I’ll wait to see what you write after that happens. Maybe my next letter will be to Hugo. I’ll ask him to stand down on the doctoral experiments.

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