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We’ll get to that later.

Today is le day of le birth of Le Clown. If it had fallen on a Monday, we would have likely gotten a day off from work.

Something to live for next year, I guess.

The Ringmistress (Le Ringmistress if you are Quebecian) has planned a special birthday surprise for his magnificence™ that I can only assume involves a clown car and monkeys. I am a pawn in this surprise. This post will give Le Birthday Boy™ a letter of le alphabet and a nudged to the next stop on le Scavenger Hunt.

This is why I’ve called in the big guns.


Hugo, are those my tonsils?


That looks like something a serial killer drew.


So what is the super cryptic clue you came up with that will leave Le Clown puzzling for hours?


You’re a regular Sphinx, you know that. So where does he head now?


Fulk if I know too. I am also a Sphinx.

Happy Birthday, dear friend. Although you are older, thankfully you are not wiser.


  1. Hey, it’s my birthday, today as well. I shall have to go share some birthday joy with LeClown…I haven’t any tonsils to give him (well, I still have them but they are still attached). I wonder if he would like a kidney stone?

    1. K8edid,
      Happy birthday to you too! It’s a great day, January 27th… Mozart was born on our day, too…
      Le Clown

  2. Speaker7 you and Hugo are awesome.

    I am out of order — am I allowed to follow the clues randomly and wish Le Clown a Happy Groundhog Day? No? Shit.

    Happy Birthday, Le Clown.

  3. Speaker7,
    Did you and Ego, I mean, Hugo hear me laughing from my bed? And it was not because of dilaudid… Fuckin’ A… Off to La Tracy Fulks! Thank you, She-Who-I-Know-Her-Real-Name-But-Won’t-Say-Anything-That-Could-Compromise-You-Gertrude.
    Le Clown

    1. Le Clown,
      Be careful. I hear dialudid can cause giggling to turn into rage-giggling. I think that’s one of the side effects as well as balloon feet. Happy Birthday!

      1. I think I’ll wait to see what you write after that happens. Maybe my next letter will be to Hugo. I’ll ask him to stand down on the doctoral experiments.

    1. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to offer a gallbladder since mine has been acting like a giant a-hole as of late. What do you expect from something full of bile?

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