Speaker7 Moves to Canada

Not really, but I do have a new post up today at Canadica. I’m hoping this is the correct link. If that didn’t work, just click on Canadica and it will take you there.

Just so you know and won’t succumb to any weeping, it will take me some time to respond to any comments because:

  1. I just moved
  2. My Internet connection has not been hooked up yet
  3. My tonsils are being removed today by salad tongs
  4. I may possibly dribble popsicle juice onto my laptop

The good news, I will have plenty of time to catch up on my blog reading (when my #@&!&^$ Internet is hooked up and if I’m not vomiting blood). I have been remiss in reading all of your wonderful posts and wittily replying with comments like “turd nugget.” I know you have missed that.

I also recall promising a reader giveaway thingy, and telling a few of you that I would be sending interview questions. Didn’t happen because moving is a giant suckfest of suckitude suckness. It will happen.

Here are the people who responded with a reason why Hugo should interview them and will see their name in lights in 2013. If I missed you or you don’t want this great distinction of Hugo adding your picture to his “People-to-lurk-at” wall, please let me know.

Le Clown, H.E. Ellis, Ned’s Blog, Jules of Go Jules Go, Dutifully Broken, Alice at Wonderland, Madame Weebles, Adam S., Vyvacious, Mollie and Alfie, Artsifrtsy, Jen and Tonic, 1pointperspective, shapelle, merbear264, GiggsMcGill Jill, Wendy Reid, jdanryan, Rule of Stupid, Emily at the Waiting, Lynette d’Arty-Cross, Twindaddy, Nancy of Not Quite Old, Lyssapants, iRuniBreathe, She’s a Maineiac, Michelle Stodden, and my BBFF Angie Z of Childhood Relived even though she said she was exempt.


  1. Speaker7,
    My peen interviewed by Hugo will be the greatest interview since the ego-fuck ride that was Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m Still Here, while nothing will be staged on my [long] end.

  2. Hope it goes seamlessly today…like I hope you don’t have a big Frankenstein seam across your neck or anything. Do they still go through your jugular to get to your tonsils? Or maybe that was just what Carol and Cindy Brady had done.

    Seriously, will be thinking of you!

    1. I insisted that my husband call me every 3 minutes even though he told me not to talk–just like Mike Brady lovingly did. Interesting factoid, but they encourage you to talk immediately after surgery. Keeps down the swelling. Oh–and no cool Frankenstein scar, just tongue sores from when my tongue was likely yanked on.

  3. I hope you don’t get the same doctor I did. Came out with no tonsils, no testicles and sore in every orifice!
    Which was brilliant, but the bastard didn’t give me a lollipop!
    Recuperate with ice-cream 🙂

  4. Considering that you’ve endured all of 50 Shades of Grey and watching that new John Travolta / Olivia Newton-John music video, it seems to me that you have a well developed tolerance for pain and discomfort. In comparison to those cultural lows, your tonsillectomy might prove to be pleasurable. Seriously, I hope it goes well.

    1. The only way my surgery could have been even better is if John Travolta sang a little song about it. And I got to rub his felt-haired head. Keep in mind that I’m on heavy narcotics at the moment so I might not be making sense.

  5. I know things will go well today, just as I know you can endure the pain–remember how well LaMaze worked? I can’t believe I didn’t submit my name for Hugo to interview me!! More than likely it’s for two reasons–1)I’d be aflutter with nervousness since I have such a crush and 2)I’m so effing dull.

  6. I am into that big moving suck fest right now. I have 3 more days to finish packing. Can’t see that happening. All I care about is not losing the internet.
    All the best today with the untonsiling.

    1. I don’t know where my tonsils are. When I came to, some nurse said they were sent to a lab, but she looked all shifty while saying it. I imagine Hugo is involved.

  7. Ok, I can’t believe I missed getting put on an interview list or maybe I saw it and meant to respond but was in hurry. Whatever. If there is still room and you can squeeze me in without squeezing me, then that would be cool. In the meantime, good luck with the tonsil removal. I was promised lots of ice cream before I got mine out, but all I got was a bowl of shaved ice. But I was seven and that was a long time ago. I’m sure the whole hospital experience is much more customer friendly now. As for the popsicles, make your own alcoholic ones. It will be so worth it.

    Good luck with everything!

    1. I find that I’m not really in the mood for ice cream. I’m actually craving things like pot roast, I am so unbelievably hungry. I can’t imagine that would be pleasant going down however. I will def put you on the Hugo interview list.

  8. At least you’ll finally be rid of those blasted things. Hey, I know what else you could use as a giveaway! Your infected tonsils! What’s scary is I’m pretty sure someone out there would take them. Oh, and get a bell and constantly ring it for attention. Your family will thank you. Hope it goes well and you’re better soon. You don’t want to leave Hugo unsupervised for long.

    1. My tonsils went AWOL. I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again, which might be a good thing since my surgeon told my mother they contained fungal growth. Yum.

      On a less sickening note, Goofy has been found in one of the plastic bins, and is doing well.

  9. Wow…you are that busy and still find the time to come up with posts that are this funny? I`d be AOL for a week…at least. Glad to hear Hugo`s gonna lurk at me. I lost one of my last lurkers so there`s an empty spot that needs fillin’.

  10. Hope you get to feeling better really really soon! ummm question? Can I change my mind about being interviewed by Hugo???? Well, I’ve never been interviewed before, and well, I’m curious, and well , darn it, I can change my mind right? sorry,,…..get better!

    1. Thanks Sandee. I am stocked up on all varieties of Popsicles. Tomorrow I might even try some heavily whipped potatoes, such is the excitement of my life.

  11. Despite our good wishes, you’ll likely not have too much fun recovering or in stage 2 of moving (the unpacking – also known as “where the fuck did we put the salad spinner?”). On the bright side, you’ll have tons to write about if the new Bachelor doesn’t measure up to your lofty standards of banality.

    In all seriousness, get well…we’ll wait.

    1. I did find the salad spinner! Of course I won’t be able to eat any salad for a couple of months. I didn’t realize a new Bachelor was on th scene. We just got our cable hooked up so I’ve been out of the loop.

  12. I don’t want Hugo to interview me. He has burrowed into my head with his utter lack of facial hair and piercing, ogling, deep-like-the-recesses-of-Hell, blue eyes. When I have to get up in the night I am afraid he is waiting behind my door and will jump out and eat my nose. I am scarred and scared. He can’t plumb the inner sanctity of my head… it will be entirely too much.

    On another note, I hope you kept your tonsils to auction them on eBay for some charity. They may fetch a lot of money… Maybe Hugo can make them into a necklace and you an auction that.

    Get better, Speaker.

    1. As far as I know, Hugo has no means of travel so you are quite safe. Unfortunately, my tonsils are no longer in my possession, which may be a good thing since my doctor described them as “gross.”

    1. You know, I was nervous about being put under and feeling sick from the anesthesia, but it was all for naught. The nurse said I recovered quickly from the surgery–now it’s the healing process time.

  13. Oh, wow, Speaker7, I hope you get to feeling better soon! At least those darn tonsils are out, though, so hooray for that. Suck down lots of popsicles and ice cream, and take your time with getting back to work on the blog.

  14. I thought you ditched the guy who was planning on removing them with salad tongs in favor of a real live surgeon? Hope all goes well.

    P.S. If there’s unprotected WiFi nearby you can always tweet from your phone before you get internet nearby… Just sayin.

    1. I did go with the real surgeon, thanks be to ice chips. He did an incredible job. I was expecting to feel really horrible upon coming out of surgery, and it wasn’t that bad. The recovery is what sucks, but it’s temporary.

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