What the Fuck is Pinterest?

Seriously. What is it?

Because I just spent two hours pinning things, and I don’t know what happened to my life.

Like with so many other things, my awareness of Pinterest began on Facebook. That’s where I learned the weekend goes by much quicker than Monday and that rainy weather is a bummer. I was going to like someone’s status update about needing coffee, when this ecard caught my eye.

That sounded like so much fun! With real sledding, there’s the cold and the snow and then the walking and sitting and walking again and it’s like, what am I at work?

But what the fuck is Pinterest?

According to Pinterest, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.

Great. What the fuck is that?

It’s a place to organize and share beautiful things one finds on the web. 

So like a book marking site?


I figured I needed to do some real-life research so I went to the Pinterest website, became really confused by the jumbled nature of it, joined it, “followed” boards I don’t understand and created new boards.

I still can’t explain what it is though. Here’s my first board:

I next pinned this:

And then I stopped at this:

Because seriously, I should be packing for my impending move to a new house not pinning. Wait…can I just pin my furniture to a board I call “New House?”

Dearest Reader: Speaker7 is attempting to write a post every day in November so she doesn’t have to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). She wishes she could pin all of you except she doesn’t know what that means. 


      1. Yes, looking and clicking for hours is so much harder then getting ready to leave the house, grab the kids if you have any, drive store to store and look at things to buy by trying them on or envisioning for someone else or your house. 😉

  1. I’ve been able to avoid Pinterest thus far, largely due to other, more pressing addictions. It also strikes me as a destination for girls, and as such, not a good place for men of my station in life to be skulking around in overcoats.

  2. judging (and i try not to judge) from your board “what i have crammed in my mouth right now” you understand the basic concept quite beautifully.

  3. It’s like a big Christmas list, where you pin things you like and hope that someone will buy it for you. Or maybe the creator of Pinterest actually thought of Facebook first, but Mark Z beat him to it, so naturally, a pinboard was the next best thing. Who doesn’t own a real live pinboard?

  4. Speaker7,
    I have sent the Pin Queen your way: The Ringmistress and her board hacks to your service. Now I have to find you. I mean, I need to find Hugo, and repin you.
    Happy pinning,
    Le Clown

    1. It’s hard to resist because I’m so confused by it and I like to understand things. Like someone pinned a bachlorette party cake that was Christian Grey’s torso and I’m beguiled by it all.

  5. I AM VERY EXCITED that you’re now a pinhead. Or pinner. Or Pinteresting…whatever. So far, yours are the best boards I’ve seen. Everything you touch turns to Hugo.

    1. I might leave the pinning in Hugo’s hands. It might slow down his plans for world domination. Or give him new ideas. Is world domination one of the categories?

  6. It’s that time of year I bring you cheer
    And presents round the tree
    But I’ve got something special planned
    This time for you to see

    Never mind your gift lists
    Though your letters entertain us
    This year I’m going to send you all
    My cherry vending anus

    I’m a Cherry shitting Santa
    With a fruity shooting arse thing
    I can top a thousand trifles
    With a single anal parting
    And I entertain the children
    With my sweet confection farting
    Though my dinner guests don’t know
    If they should vomit or be laughing

    So don’t seek present by the tree
    With which to play and tinker
    The gift that gives a thousand times
    This year is Santa’s Sphincter

    I’m a Cherry shitting Santa
    With a fruity shooting arse thing
    I can top a thousand trifles
    With a single anal parting
    And I entertain the children
    With my sweet confection farting
    Though my dinner guests don’t know
    If they should vomit or be laughing

    Happy Christmas 🙂

  7. Oh now you’ve done it. You are about to get swamped with people following you on Pinterest. I know I will as those are the best boards I have seen. And you know … Hugo.
    As for me pinning is my fantasy life … what my life would be like if it didn’t suck.

  8. Pinterest and I have a tumultuous relationship. At first I hated it and then I ignored it. AND THEN I HAD A BABY. With those postpartum hormones, I learned to tolerate it. We are on amicable terms now.

    1. Yes, I could see getting into it at that stage. I was a heavy reader of tabloids after I gave birth. I would send my husband out of the new ones each week. It was amazing how much comfort they gave me.

  9. I don’t understand all this stuff about Pinterest. Doesn’t it just encourage you to spend time aimlessly on the internet, instead of spending it for a much more worthwhile cause ?

    Now, please, let me get back to wandering aimlessly on WordPress for another couple of hours… 😉

  10. I have wondered what the fuck Pinterest is, too. Thank you for checking it out for me. Now I can continue to waste my time with Facebook and trying to write fiction that will go nowhere.

  11. Clearly I need to get on Pinterest then. And here I didn’t know what the fuck it was, and still don’t, but I’m dying to put up pointless pictures of stupid shit. There’s like an hour of my day or so I might be doing something productive. Must fix that.

    You have a total Hugo page. Just him staring. Also: where is Goofy? I have to wonder. Did Hugo stuff her in a fridge or something?

    1. You need to start pinning pointless shit immediately. There is a ton of Christian Grey-related items that you need to see.

      I appreciate your concern about Goofy. She is fine. She’s just packed away for the upcoming move. Hugo is suppose to be packed away as well, but he keeps escaping.

  12. I’m so confused by all this pinning. (pining?) Your post helps me clarify it a little. If I want others to know what I cram into my mouth, or new ideas of what I *can* cram in my mouth — this is the place! Is it like somewhere you can be a weird exhibitionist and have others virtual follow you as you do so?

  13. I am shamefaced to confess that I actually use Pinterest to keep track of recipes. It’s much easier for me than printing them out and organizing them into a binder for me in all seriousness. However, I think your boards are far more helpful, especially “Things I Have Crammed In My Mouth Right Now”. That could be a good name for a recipe board, come to think of it.

      1. We’ll see. I won’t get fired for blogging, but for lack of work — I work in litigation which is hot when the economy sucks (lottery & litigation — that’s everyone’s ticket). It’s really slow for me now, which is good for the economy but not necessarily for my job! It’s ok, a break would be kind of nice. I can do Pinterest …

  14. I would love to help you figure out what Pinterest is. But other than pinning my own posts, I have no idea what to do with it. It’s so messy everywhere… I own the Twitter-station in this household and my wife guards the Facebook-post. I think I should get a 2nd wife for Pinterest, a 3rd for StumbleUpon a 4th for Google+ and a 5th for Tumblr… Thank God, Digg isn’t so popular anymore…

    Monogamy should be illegal, because it digitally cripples us.

  15. My husband has a pinterest thing. He’s used it to collect photographs of Kebabs. He’s now somewhat of an expert. Also where do you get the fishing pen? I HAVE to have one!

  16. I’m afraid to try Pinterest because I’m afraid it will suck me in and I’ll be trapped forever. On the other hand, I don’t really know what the fuck it is, either, or why it would it suck me in. I just know that it would. That’s enough for me.

  17. Headcheese and circus peanuts on the same page…and it’s not even Christmas! Oh thank you, Baby Jesus.

    I have avoided Pinterest like Black Friday specials. Here’s my indicator of it’s value. Every other massive social media site took off of the coasts before spreading to prominence in the Midwest. Whereas I read that Pinterest was the complete opposite, starting its surge in the Midwest (among suburban housewives) before moving to the coasts. It was created for my people apparently. And I am trying to break that cycle of abuse once and for all.

    1. I think i see the perfect marriage of products Head Cheese-flavored Circus Peanuts.

      I had not realized Pinterest’s origin story, but it makes lots of sense.

  18. I don’t know what it is but I CAN’T STOP! I generally hate crafts and cooking, but I will damn sure spend a whole day of my life pinning master chef recipes and “100 ways to use a hot glue gun” articles.

      1. Haha, not sure but let’s call them pinsters anyway!

        So you can re-pin the pin and look at the pretzel rolls with cheese sauce but that won’t do you any good. Or you can just ship me hoards of money and fly me out to cook/bake for you 😛 That’s what my cousin does, haha.

  19. I found Pinterest a month or so ago. I thought it would be perfect for planning my wedding BUT as it turns out, pinning things on Pinterest doesn’t actually mean they happen so I’m going to Vegas.

  20. My mum and sister love it….I personally am not so sure about it. I have yet to set up an account .. just like I have avoided twitter thus far. If you do work it all out – let me know 🙂

  21. Still don’t get it. Why is everybody talking about pining food? Don’t you have food in your house or restaurants in your city? And this thing about twiter, facebook etc. What is wrong with face to face conversation? Really was I born at the wrong time?

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