1. Oh, my gosh! How much better would Farmville be if they had a rabies epidemic?

    I dumped Facebook a couple of months ago. Did they really send out yet another update to their ToS on THANKSGIVING?

  2. Oh god I hate all these games on Facebook and I wish all my “friends” would stop sending me requests for them. A rabies epidemic that wipes out all of Farmville would be awesome.
    I’m seriously considering waving bye-bye to Facebook.

    1. Facebook has been getting quite Suckbook for awhile now. What I like it most for is the birthday reminder, but I guess I could just put an alert feature on my calendar. But that takes work on my part. Please pass the Moutain Dew.

  3. Too funny! Facebook could be the entire subject of a horror movie where an entity ingratiates itself into the masses and then slowly sucks out everyone’s brains replacing it with sawdust Jagermeister while they play silly games and collect empty-headed groups of “friends”…WHAT?

  4. Aren’t there game sites to go to for playing games. Why do they have to have this crap on FB. It is more than a nuisance. It made great fodder for yet another brilliant blog Speaker7 you are well past the half way mark.

      1. I read it – actually, I fell asleep while trying to read it. But that counts, right – it was on my laptop screen for a while, that counts. I know it does. When I tried to click on the link given that tells you to go read about the changes and comment before they finalize them – it didn’t work. At all. go figure.

  5. Thanks for translating their latest unread missive to me. I am so glad that I never got that into FB that I almost feel pure. I said “almost” because I’m not completely delusional.

  6. I didn’t have time to read the FB announcement or your post because I had to harvest my Farmville crops. After I down a couple Dews I hope to get to at least one of them.

  7. I stopped playing Farmville when I discovered that ‘eat’ as a command for the animals didn’t mean you were allowed to ship them to an abattoir.

    Maybe I should have read the fine print after all.

  8. I can’t believe I haven’t broken up with Facebook yet. I knew it jumped the shark when I started seeing dinner photos show up in my news feed and getting prompts to “like this” if I remembered the Easy Bake Oven. I believe the final days of the Roman Empire were spent this way. The end is near.

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