1. Well, not all assholes lost. The gay assholes won the right to legally pair in some states 🙂 That’s a happy thing 🙂

  1. Yes! And im my neck of the woods – Connecticut rejected Linda McMahon a second time. It appears at least for now, that in Connecticut, we still have elections, not auctions.

  2. Won’t let me post link. Look up Donald Trump is a sore loser. He called for a revolution on twitters. Dork. His tweets are on the Daily Mail. Like, you can delete them, Donny, but Internetz is forevers.

  3. Wasn’t this just great. I mean, really, truly great? Obama, Warren, Kaine. Losing the Rape Rappers and Alan West. My only disappointment is that Michelle Bachmann is still going to be in congress. Oh well. AT least I’ll have fodder!

    1. It was weird. When I saw the Obama family walk out, it was like I had something in my eye, like a piece of sand or something, because I kept tearing up. This restored my faith in a lot of things.

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