Escape from/to New York

The duel continues with a giant glove slap from Madame Weebles. Please read her awesomeness and click the “Like” button so Team Le Clown Iron Gonads of Something can win. Do it for justice, beauty and twinkies.


  1. Psst- I feel hungover today, do you feel hungover today? And I didn’t have any vodka for a late nite snack either- I mean I have a “Blog Hangover”. Please tell me that you do as well, or else I will say mean things about you behind your blog, or behind your Furry costume.

  2. I’m beyond relieved that it’s over. I am blaming this duel for my current coughing/mucous frenzy-thon. I’m not planning on writing for awhile. I’m going to use the time off to purrfect my furry costume.

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