Fifty New Plot Twists (Fifty Shades Freed: pgs. 351-400)

I have dreams, gentle reader.

My dream was to finish the literary anal fissure that is Fifty Shades Freed before my return to work on Tuesday.

But alas, this dream is dead as so many have gone before it. Why did this happen?

Because this book is too long and my brain is too worn-out like an overused vaginal ball. (For previous recraps, click here)

But let’s carry on because I will have to watch my child at some point. I know Hugo and Goofy are anxious to continue, right guys?

That’s the spirit.

For three sentences, things seem sunshiny in Ana Steele Grey’s narrow world of stupid. But then holy crap plot twist, fifty shaders, Ana receives a call from José’s  father that her stepdad Ray was in a car accident and lying in a coma of contrivance.

Ana does a few things that are pretty amazing in the sense that they are impossible. First she can’t reach Christian so she groans silently with frustration. How does one groan silently exactly? Then she “keens quietly” in the backseat. What will she do next? Scream peacefully? Hiccup voluntarily?

Christian finally calls and says he will have to meet her at the hospital because he’s hammering out some made-up business deal with the Taiwanese. Why do I know nothing about this? Ana thinks trivially. Because the only hammering you care about, Ana, is the peen kind.

She arrives at the hospital, and mutterly screams in her head about the last time she was in the ER for twisting her ankle.  She shudders at that memory. Yes, that seems really awful. I’m sure the guy in the ER who’d been stabbed multiple times really felt for you.

She asks for Ray Steele, and the nurse says let me check Miss Steele. “I nod, not bothering to correct her.” Wow, what an asshole to even have this thought. Ray’s lucky you’re here, Ana.

She sees José and Mr. Rodriguez, also named José (very inventive, E.L.), in the waiting room. José Senior said the car they were driving in was hit by a drunk driver. Christian arrives, and his face darkens when he sees José holding Ana’s hand. Oh for fuck’s sake.

He’s all up in her bizness about eating. The doctor arrives. “All the blood disappears from my head as I stumble to my feet” Ana dumb thinks. This actually explains quite a bit about Ana. And then she thinks this gem: “Under any other circumstances, I would have found the doctor attractive.” The doctor addresses her as Miss Steele. Mrs. Grey, Christian corrects because his penis is enraged.

The Josés leave, and Ana sits on Christian’s lap in the waiting room. Hmmm…that seems normal.

Ray’s out of surgery so Ana and Christian go see him. The nurse predictably gets wet at the sight of Christian Grey’s stupid face, and Ana has the generous thought of “Incongrously I’m thinking blonde is not her true color.” Can the drunk driver just crash through the hospital room now?

They check in at the Heathman, the setting of their first twisted encounter. Christian’s shaken because he normally sees Ana as brave and strong. Really? When? I want some muther fucking page numbers, y’all.  Because I’ve never seen it, and I’ve read over 1,300 pages of this twat rot. Oh dear christ…I’m going to go jump off a building.

The next day is Ana’s birthday. She is 3 in dog years. Christian gives her a charm bracelet, and I shit you not, one of the charms is an ice cream cone, a shout-out to the ice-cream-in-the-vag bacterial nightmare. She later thinks “Ben & Jerry’s & Ana” and I gouge my eyes out with blowtorch. He also buys her a sports car, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the brake line will be severed.

They reenact some of their finest Heathman moments. She uses his toothbrush. Gack.  She reminisces how she was just a 21-year-old butt plug then and now she is a 22-year-old prostate massager. She toots “I’m getting old.” Fuck you.

In the infamous elevator of tongue-jamming, the duo get all hot and bothered and jam tongues again.

After visiting with Ray, Ana meets Christian in the waiting room. He looks angry and is speaking a completely implausible one-sided phone conversation.

They go to lunch. Ana suggests the restaurant where they got back together in Fifty Shades Darker. “Do you think that supercilious fucker is still waiting tables?” Christian asks. God I hope he spit in your food.

They get ready for dinner and get on the elevator with two other women. The sight of Christian Grey causes the women to lose all their vaginal fluids. They also hate Ana. Yes ladies, he’s mine. Fuck fuck. That’s all I have just fuck fuck.

Christian has arranged a surprise birthday party.

At the hospital again, the staff encourages Ana to talk to Ray about her life to get him to snap out of his coma.

With Ray awake, Ana finally feels like really doing it, and yuck connection. She’s so turned on she even thinks Why are his feet so hot? Christian ties her to the sofa, and orders her to feel herself up. He bellows “Come on Ana!” and she does on cue.

And that’s where I leave you, fifty shader. Incongruously, I’m thinking this book is shitballs.


  1. Now I feel horrible that we lazy-butts are making you read this. We should do a group review for the last 50 pages and let you and Hugo and Goofy take a break 🙂

    1. I don’t know if I could live with myself if I let my readers suffer such trauma. I’m already brain damaged so I should finish this and my brain off.

  2. hahahahahah best one yet… the recraps are getting better and better. I’m not sure you want to hear that lol.

      1. Alice – I believe there was nothing about shit sandwiches. Just things about electricity and gynecological instruments. Your normal boilerplate contract language.

  3. OMG I laughed so hard – I tried to laugh inwardly, as I’m still at work, but I think my coworker saw me shaking. Honest to GOD did they make out in the hospital elevator while Jose’s dad was in a coma? Of course they did. I just . . . I don’t . . .how can she actually keep getting WORSE???

    1. Actually, her dad is the one in a coma. Jose’s dad has some broken bones or something. She’s truly awful. WORST.PERSON.EVER!

  4. i can’t. i can’t. i can’t. laughed so many times. you have to stop reading this shit. simply because i think it might enrage you so much that you knock off a liquor store with panties on your head. honestly, you have done enough. now, rest, dear, hilarious, writer… much love, sm

    1. Thanks sweetmom. I do have to prepare for Canadica. I don’t want to have my post be all about Canadian vaginal balls. Is that even a thing? It should be. I want to write about it. Oh my god, I can’t stop myself.

  5. Oh, God, I am hooked on your recraps. Never read the books, and will not now, because I could never have so much fun spoofing this shit in my mind, when you have already done so here, and so well. I literally have to pee before I read these fifty posts…

    1. They really are awesome, aren’t they? We should have a Goofy and Hugo appreciation day. Except Hugo’s locked up in a room with a lock of my hair and has been denied computer privileges. You see, EVERYBODY suffers from James.

    1. There are people in history who always took the more difficult road…Helen Keller…Martin Luther King Jr. . . . and now Speaker7. I expect my monument in a few years. I think Maine would make a lovely spot for it.

  6. I do hope that nobody at the school where you work knows about this blog. Especially this series…

    But I love it. Surreptitiously, of course. Shhhhhh….

  7. The impossible stuff that Ana can do had me giggling helplessly. And I love that damn bunny. I know I’ve said that 20 times, but she really does beguile and confound me. Or something.

  8. This had me laughing so hard through my elbows that tears started streaming from my left knee. But then I suddenly realized that the ice-cream-in-the-vag thing was actually in the book (all this time, I thought it was something you made up). The sheer horror of that thought made me shudder motionlessly.

    1. I hate when my knee cries. It’s so dry.

      I wish I had the creativity to make up ice-cream-in-the-vag scenario because that I would be a bizallionaire like E.L. James.

  9. “The next day is Ana’s birthday. She is 3 in dog years. Christian gives her a charm bracelet, and I shit you not, one of the charms is an ice cream cone, a shout-out to the ice-cream-in-the-vag bacterial nightmare. She later thinks “Ben & Jerry’s & Ana” and I gouge my eyes out with blowtorch. He also buys her a sports car, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the brake line will be severed.”

    I laughed so hard at this paragraph that I think I just woke my kids up. There’s really nothing sexier than a yeast infection.

  10. Oh, S7. Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

    I read this to my husband, but had to keep stopping because I was laughing so hard he couldn’t understand what I was saying. “Then I’ll be able to add a steak to your bracelet” killed me. Killed.

  11. You had me a literary anal fissure, S7 …. I am SO happy you have thrown yourself on the pyre and sacrificed your peace of mind to read these tomes of sexual tripe so we don’t have to. I saw some woman in the airport carrying this book and I literally burst out laughing!

  12. If you are getting tired of these recraps, it’s not showing in your writing — because this is one of my favorite recraps to date. I laughed so hard at the part about your wish that the drunk driver would crash through the hospital that I now have serious concerns about my ability to feel empathy toward human suffering.

    I will never again say “Oh cute! A charm bracelet!” at the sight of a charm bracelet.

  13. PS The only reason I’m getting through this book is by stopping every 50 pages to read your recraps. They make me LOL forever.

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