The Doppleganger is Not My Son

One should never indulge one’s doppelgänger.

I have one. Speaker7doppelganger was created when I cruelly packed my old blog address’s bag and sent it packing. She then appeared on my doorstep, calling me mama. She stayed a few days until we appeared on the Maury Povich show, and Maury revealed the paternity results. I am NOT Speaker7doppelganger’s father. Mau-ry! Mau-ry! Maur-y!

She still bothers me though. She insists that I let my readers know when she publishes a blog. She whines in a way that would make Fran Drescher’s voice sound like Vivaldi.

So I’m letting you know, she published a post.

She said anyone who reads it can take the image posted below and use it as a screen saver:

She is diabolical. Because America is soooo cute.


  1. god. i can’t decide which i like more – the patriotic beast with the virgin mary on one shoulder and the hand of freddy krueger (is that his hand???) OR the patriotic unicorn with geraldo rivera’s mustache (is that geraldo’s mustache???) and also – will i now have to quit what little work i do in order to have time to read doppelganger’s posts in addition to these posts?

    1. Ouch. I think the two of you should appear on Maury. He is sooooooo excellent at dealing with problems. You will have to submit to a paternity test.

    1. No reason for nervous jealousy. Just tell the voices to watch Access Hollywood and everything will be all right thanks to Billy Bush’s enormously sincere smile.

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