1. I am so screwed. I use google for the most inane searches for my blog. I can imagine my search on Shrinky Dinks will lead to gmail messages for penis reduction appliances. “Shaun Cassidy, California, where he likes to eat out, casserole” will no doubt lead to ads for diet frozen dinners packaged specifically for middle-aged single women. That or a restraining order.

    1. All technology that is suppose “to make life easier” just seems all about pinpointing exactly where we are at all times. Luckily we don’t use civilian drones….oh wait, we’re going to start doing that.

  2. I’m conflicted: should I go ahead and relinquish my soul to Google now and get the benefits of being one of the first online soul community members (not to be confused with people passionate gospel music), or should I retain this semblance of dignity and independence for as long as possible.

    Can Google tell me the right answer?

  3. If Google can figure out what my online searches mean, go for it. I can hardly wait to see what O. Leonard specific ads I’m going to see. Loved your post. Made me chuckle, especially the last Photoshop. That Coprophagia is for dogs, right?

  4. This post made me think about several things. The first was, Holy Sh*t, that casserole is going to be salty with a bag of chips in it. Then I thought about Rob Lowe playing Drew Peterson, and how glamorous that must make Drew feel. Then I thought about eating sh*t, which is what Google’s plan is, because they will be feeding us everything they think we want until we actually think it is.
    Thanks for reconfirming my belief that the best thing you can do on the internet is NOT be yourself.

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