The Greatest Turd of All

The night Whitney Houston died, I remember clearly thinking:

I wonder what Bill O’Reilly thinks about this?

Lucky for me–and the world–he shared his views on his show and in his column and later again on the Today show and then again on Fox & Friends. Bill harped on how the media exploited Whitney’s troubles when she was alive. He said this on his show and then in his column and later again on the Today show and then again on Fox & Friends.

“The media exploited her,” O’Reilly thundered. On his show, and then in his column and later again on the Today show and then again on Fox & Friends.

Bill O’Reilly has a new book coming out, Killing Kennedy. But before we get to learning about that literary masterpiece, Matt Lauer wants to talk about what Bill O’Reilly said on his show, which Bill then reiterated in his column (If you want to know what Matt and Bill talked about, you can watch O’Reilly rehash it on Fox & Friends)

“You said blah blah blah,” Matt quotes from Bill’s no-spin mouth.

“Yup,” Bill says, lathering a falafel.

“Then you said blah blah blah,” Matt quotes. “And people are all like ‘you dick.'”

“People have not been paying attention to me,” Bill says. “That’s why I yelled on my show. And now you’re interviewing me. And my comments are the subject of 870 news articles. And I’m headed to Fox & Friends next to bleat and moo some more until my vocal chords shred into pieces of confetti. I prayed for Whitney Houston.”

“Okay, but I’m going to get all up in arms over this in way that I never do about news stories that actually matter,” Matt says.

“Bring it Lauer,” Bill says and then sexually harasses an intern.

“You said that Whitney wanted to kill herself and that all people who take hard drugs are the same,” Matt paraphrases for Speaker7 because do you really expect her to listen to Matt over and over again to get the quote 100 percent accurate. “Addiction is a disease. And if you’re suffering from a disease, then you cannot make that choice.”

“Wrong,” O’Reilly says. “There are real diseases like elephantitis of the penis, which I suffer from greatly, ladies. If any ladies want to know how greatly, I will show them in the shower right after I rub them down with a falafel. Free will, Lauer. We, the media, look the other way–when instead we should be as judgmental as possible.”

“Should journalists be in the position of conducting interventions?” Matt asks, and that’s a good question. I’m kind of stunned. Matt Lauer asked a good question.

“They should be in the business of telling the truth,” O’Reilly responds. “Unless they are writing a book like Killing Lincoln. Then it’s okay to insert lots of factual errors, so many so, that the Ford Theater refuses to carry your book.”

Bill insists he was the only person to tell Whitney to knock it off. Why she didn’t listen to him will always haunt him.

“So tell us about your upcoming book,” Matt queries

“It will be horrible, but it will make me a lot of money,” O’Reilly turds. He turds this because he is the Turd of the Week™.

I prayed for this turd on my head.


  1. Bill is just one color wheel spoke off from being the long lost member of Devo. And I’m fairly certain he’d approve of whipping the clothes off a woman, so long as it ended with a falafel scrub.

    Very nice choice this week!

  2. I’ve got 50 posts in my inbox but I read this first. Why? Because I know it will be great. I agree with EH. I love it.
    Bill O’Reilly stated that everyone just wanted to exploit Whitney (I guess except him talking about it and writing comments and talking about it) but I was wondering if his honky ass was around when people were trying to help her.
    I’m guessing he was eating falafal.

    1. I don’t believe he actually *eats* the falafel. And now I have to remove my brain so I will never think of Bill in the shower rubbing someone down with a falafel.

  3. I don’t know who Bill O’Reilly is – I’ll have to google him – but I loved this post!!! It was fantastic. I was totally drawn by the headline, & then I read “Whitney” and I realised it was a take on her song, then I read about this Bill O’Reilly. I haven’t clicked the video yet but you’ve got me – I HAVE to see this!

  4. If only Michelle Obama would listen to Bill O’Reilly, she would love America, and together they could go back in time, and Whitney Houston and Abraham Lincoln would both have been saved. And maybe Michael Jackson. But maybe not.

    1. Michelle Obama is too busy perpetuating the Nanny State, as Bill O’Reilly calls it, by educating people that eating a bunch of crap is bad for their health. That is so invasive. It’s much better when the government intervenes in who can marry whom and who has access to birth control.

  5. I have no idea who these people are…except Whitney of course. In my defence, I’m Australian, and we have a strict zero turd tolerance on tv. If it looks, smells or vaugely resembles a turd…it doesn’t make it through our media monitors.

    I did however get the general gist of what you were talking about and I’m here to say…Bill O’Reilly, you’re a freakin’ turd.

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