What’s Ur Look?

I bet you did not know this about me, but I am a girly girl thru & thru whether I’m heading 2 school or a party, I’m always sure 2 be perfectly turned out. I learned this from taking the geoGIRL Look Finder quiz.

Apparently what U choose to be in the future has a direct bearing on the type of feather mascara U should glob onto Ur eyelashes. These are the professions currently open to women: marine biologist; artist, or maybe fashion designer, or maybe rock star; president of the Younited States; and an elementary school teacher. I, of course, picked middle-aged marketer attempting desperately to sound like a tween girl by never using the word “you” and zombifying the nation’s youth.

What’s Ur look?

geoGIRL is a make-up line designed for girls ages 8 to 12, and contains anti-aging elements because let’s face it, by 8 a girl begins to look a little haggard :(. But it’s more than that–it’s also about joining 2-gether to save the planet one bronzer at a time. See the packaging is recyclable so it’s almost as good as the time when young girls did not purchase make up created exclusively for them ;).

Rather than wasting time reading, playing a sport or waiting for puberty, a third-grader can spend her time learning how to blend flavors of lip gloss together to create a taste sensation almost like a fruit parfait ¦0?!! It even has 2NTE lip treatment, a goodnight kiss for lips, so U don’t wake up the next morning with dried lips and scare the guy next to U….er….teddy bear next to U.

I think my favorite part might be the exclusive geoGIRL music video, showing young children with globs of blue eyeshadow.

For your enjoyment:


  1. Wow that’s pretty scary! I’m wondering who would let their 8 year old wear make up. I wasn’t allowed any until high school & then I had to pay for it myself. We are encouraging young girls to grow up too fast. And when we grow up we all want to be younger! Something’s messed up.

    1. Soon enough, we will be figuring out some way to apply make up to a fetus in the womb. At least that is my grand vision. Have you seen a baby when she’s just born…yucko. She needs some mascara STAT!

  2. Smack me in the head, please. I just actually watched this entire piece of drivel. I suppose the next thing will be a special line of cosmetic surgery for pre-teens, marketed by Dr 90210: “Why wait possibly years for your breasts to develop? Have the breasts you want NOW! Then, when you do start to develope, you can have them REMOVED! Or, keep them in and your brests will be EVEN BIGGER!” Oh, and I want to be a marine biologist because then I can wear a cute little string bikini to work.

    1. Thank U. It is beautifully inspired work of art if I must toot my own horn.

      I don’t know about the marine biologist thingy….the bikini’s fun and all, but it can get kinda messy and stuff and gunk up Ur cute little outfit. And like science is hard and stuff. Maybe president of the Younited States?

  3. When I was 8 all I did was wear makeup, jump on trampolines, and worry if I had just the right perfume on to match my personality. Then in the afternoon, I would apply more mascara and smile prettily at a camera while walking bikes with my friends. We didn’t ride bikes, of course. It would shake our foundation loose! Those were the “good ol’ days.”

  4. wait. u forgot 2 say, “don’t worry there r no correct answers 2 the cupcake quiz.” holy christ. those grls look like hookers. in a few years they WILL need moisturizer and toner. and i m pretty sure i m dummer by clicking the link.

    1. That doesn’t mean that U can’t share these amazing geoGRRL tips with random children. Maybe U can become a missionary and share make up tips all over the world. Let me just check something first…..oh…sorry, that’s not on the list of professions for women. U can be a fashion designer tho. tee-hee.

  5. I think I just peed my pants as I glimpsed my future. I also swore I saw an animated butterfly crawl out of a tween’s eye socket but (phew) I later realized it was just her eyelashes flapping.

    I’m so glad that kid brow tamer is available as I think my 4-year-old is really being held back by her unruly brows.

    1. Maybe it’s time to start a make up line for toddlers? Their skin can be so blotchy after they’ve had a crying fit, and a concealer could really help. U want in? Let me just check something….oh I’m sorry, that’s not one of the professions open to women. Darn.

      U can still be a marine biologist.

  6. Ugh this kills me. No wonder kids are reaching puberty by 9 these days, they don’t even get the chance to be kids. The other day I was talking to a 6 year-old girl I know who is obsessessed with Justin Bieber. I kiddingly asked her what she would do if she ever met him and she said “I would take him to my bedroom and kiss him!” Gasp.

    1. Ur onto something. Maybe not make up for boyz cuz that makes them girlie, obvs. so yuck, right? But maybe they can be pumped up with steriods and encouraged to get face tattoos?

  7. I went the other way with both my kids. I had them kill native animals and smear blood on their faces at a very early age. We would wrap the entrails around our necks as necklaces.
    But i NEVER allowed cupcakes.

    1. How did Ur children ever know their looks? Or anything for that matter. Every major life decision I ever made was based on cupcake flavor and frosting.

  8. I am disturbed. And glad to have boys. (Until the marketing for early steroid treatment and fake muscle enhancements begins to appear.)

    This reminds me of an apparently serious question I saw on a parenting forum last year. A Mum was concerned there was something wrong with her 11 year old daughter because the girl wanted to spend her time reading and climbing trees, and resisted all efforts to wear make-up. Plus, unlike all her classmates, the 11 year old hadn’t kissed a boy yet, and didn’t even seem to want a boyfriend. The Mum wanted advice on how to force her 11 year old daughter to be “a normal girl”.

    I don’t go to that forum anymore.

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