“I Can’t Believe it. [WordPress] F@$$%% Forgot My Birthday.”

Well not actually.  I mean it didn’t know it was my birthday so it couldn’t really *forget* my birthday.

But what wordpress did do is fail to send out an email to subscribers letting them know I had a new post. And this was worse. It’s like presenting me with a lit birthday cake and smashing it into my face.

I deduced this by asking a loyal subscriber if he had received an email this morning, and he said “no.” I should star in my own reality-television version of CSI with my mad detecting skills.

So all day, I was wondering why so few people clicked on the page. And I cried a little and I played a tiny violin and cried because I can’t play the violin so I tried my son’s Fisher Price bongos and that cheered my up until I went back online and saw I had no hits and I cried a little and this cycle continued for 10 hours.

This does not help my self-esteem, wordpress. Do you remember how I wrote that birthday post for my smarter, more superior brother?  Yeah, you made that freshly pressed. And my birthday? You ignored.

So this is my story and this is my test, wordpress.

This is only a test.


  1. Got it. This blogging thing can definitely affect one’s mood. How do you explain to a non-blogger that you didn’t get any hits and you’re bummed? Or that ten people commented, but no one “liked” your blog?
    What kind of monsters are we feeding?

  2. Actually, WordPress forgot to send out my latest, too. I know because I subscribed to it to see if anyone got it. In fact, I subscribed TWICE. And no, the post I did last night — which was of course topical, up to the moment and filled with urgently needed information — did not pop into any of my inboxes. How sad.

    Les, we are egotistical monsters. Like The WildThings, only smarter.

    1. Addendum to my comment above.

      WordPress really does seem to be having a problem today. It is sending me my own comments as if they are from someone else, putting hte wrong gravitar/avitar — hell, the wrong picture on it, and doing other odd things.

      Maybe it is pissed that you didn’t give it any ice cream cake.

      Happy birthday!

  3. Damnitalltohell. That is so lame to happen on your big day. The problem is you didn’t have Bil Keane or Steve Urkel mentioned in your birthday post. That’ll shoot up your page stats right away, I’ve found. Who needs actual readers when you can get that type of audience to your site?

  4. Oh yes, I am as nuts as you! I go crazy with site stats and ‘likes’ and WordPress idiosyncrasies. I keep telling myself that I’m having lots of fun and getting great writing experience and increasing readership – and I don’t have to know a thing about hosting and technical shit – and that it is all because WordPress does all that shit for free – but on the other hand – WordPress makes me crazy! And my tiny violin plays all the time!

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