1. If you had actually written this, I would tell you “well done” and “brilliant idea.” But I can tell of course that Maury wrote it.

    I’m glad to see he is a “Sincerely yours” kind of guy. I always expected him to be more likely one of those stone-cold “Best” types. You can certainly tell a lot about a person by the way they close a letter.

    Rock on,

    1. Just by watching his show, you can see what a caring, empathetic soul Maury is. He really tries to bring out the best in people.

      In wonder of where in the world is Matt Lauer,

  2. That is too funny! I’m thinking it was all a publicity stunt so that people will believe Justin Biber has actually gone through puberty. I mean, he isn’t really capabale of getting someone pregnant yet. That won’t happen til his voice changes. The PR people probably thought it would get people to stop saying he looks like a lesbian or how Selena Gomez kinda seems like she drives around in a van handing out candy now that she’s dating him.

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