A Chickunudrum

I once had a long conversation with someone about the difference in price between a two-piece fried chicken dinner and a three-piece fried chicken dinner. This was not a voluntary conversation. I was employed by KFC. This man was a customer.

One would think that would be an easy thing to suss out:

KFC forever

Math can be hard.

Why does it cost more? Well because there’s more chicken. No, but why is it more? ….Because it has three pieces of chicken. The other dinner has two pieces. Okay, but why is it more? ….Where did I lose you? I just don’t get why I’m paying more for the same thing. Because you’re not. No, each dinner has the same thing. One has more of the same thing. It doesn’t make sense that I’m paying more. Little has made sense in this exchange. How about we just go with two pieces then? No, I’ll have the three-piece. Of course.

The moral: Don’t count your chickens.


    1. It was a surreal experience. I don’t think the post did a satisfactory job illuminating how long I talked to this man about chicken dinners. Food services is a thankless, thankless job.

  1. XD I just had a similar convo with my husband about the difference between a hurricane and a tornado. Lol! We each seemed to be on a different plane of logic…

  2. I’ve never worked in foodservice, but I have done time working retail. I once had to convince a customer that the money she handed me was less than the total she owed. We went back and forth a few times, but she was adamant. Evidently I am not equipped to explain that some numbers are lower than others.

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