The poors and their refrigerators

I had no idea that the poors were living it up with their refrigerators, microwaves and indoor toilets during a recession(!!) while rich people are still struggling with the Bush tax cuts. The number one struggle: do I dip myself in solid gold or gold leaf? The Daily Show had a piece on rabid succubi (used twice in blog posts on one day!), otherwise known as “news” anchors and/or professional politicians, ripping apart poor people for demanding their food–that they procured from the local food pantry–be kept at a temperature that prevents spoiling because clearly they are sucking America dry while at the same time decrying that having the rich actually pay their fair share in income taxes amounts to being that asshole that takes all the fresh vegetables at the food pantry.

And then on the same day I watch this, because who the heck stays up till 11:00 p.m.?, I read about Leon Black’s birthday party. Elton John was paid $1 million to sing another version of Candle in the Wind called Leon Black is a Candle in the Wind. And it had this really funny joke–okay it’s only really funny if you lost your entire 401K in 2008–this Goldman Sachs dude says to another rich dude who threw a $3 million 60th birthday party for himself in 2007 complete with Rod Stewart (really?), that rich dude’s 2007 party  got us into the financial crisis, let’s hope this current rich dude’s 60th party “gets us out of it.” And I totally snot my coffee because I’m all like bwha-ha-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!! And then I think about the poors being able to put their creamer in a refrigerator (!) and I get all riled up again.

Seriously, I’m completely demoralized. We’re really going to get the pitchforks and torches out for people who pay no income taxes because either they’re retired or make next to nothing? But we’re going to let the douchebags that got us into this mess, and continue to still benefit from it, slide?


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  1. You are a brand new blogger! And off to a great start. You have a voice, and keep at it. I’ll place you in my reader, and send some links your way. It takes time to be found. You are doing the right thing. Visit other bloggers and leave comments. We get nosy to see who’s following us, and well, here I am!

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