Common Courtesy lives on

Some believe that common courtesy has gone the way of the dinosaurs and political compromise. I know some people believe this because I did a Google search and received 65 million hits. The inverse–courtesy is alive and well–only garnered 3 million hits therefore and hence four-score-and-ipso-facto, courtesy is dead. Research + statistics=proven statement of a fact. It sure seems like it’s true even if you might question my mathematical statement, which I wouldn’t do because I will totally go America all over your ass (reference). People seem a tad more tightly wound and freak over the slightest provocation. Just a few seconds ago, my husband asked me to watch our child for a second and I flipped over the dining room table in response. And there’s that ruder then the rudest rude interview conducted by Piers I Imports with the Witch Lady where he asked her questions based on topics covered in the book she was hawking. Nervy.

So courtesy is dead and everyone is just plain awful…or is it and are they? Let me share an uplifting story that clearly shows people aren’t the succubuses (succubi?) you think they are. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, I have a child. He’s a young-un. Whenever we leave the house, we resemble nomads with the amount of gear and accessories we tote to keep his *big head distracted (*I don’t mean to say I think he’s an egoist, he’s really got a huge skull). We had to make such the trip today for a little PT time at the local gym. I was the pack mule while my husband carried the child. We were about 10 feet from the entrance, when these older men exited with their racquetball racquets. One of them stopped to hold the door open and with just the slightest trace of irritation in his voice, yelled “Come on!” What an obvious gentleman.

So the next time you find yourself about to key the car of the jackal who stole your parking space, think about the older guy yelling “Come on!” to a couple who had not even made the requisite eye contact displaying a request for help–and it will make you gouge just a little bit deeper.

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