I vaguely remember some article about the Internet and people and not remembering, but I couldn’t quite remember what it was about so I entered the fragment “Internet people not remembering” into a search engine and found an article about problems with Internet banking (did you know a lot of customers are resistant to change and that’s why they resist Internet banking? That’s incredible), and then the article I was looking for, which I then had to keep a tab open on it because I kept forgetting what I was reading.

Here’s a link to the article in case you don’t trust my summation. OK,  so the basic premise is that people can’t recall anything because they rely on Google to do it for them and they’d rather not be bothered to think about an answer first. So for example if your husband asked you a question about some actor…I can’t think of an actor’s name and don’t really feel like doing so, so we’ll call him Joe the Plumber, and your husband wants to know if that is the same Joe the Plumber who was in the movie Hard Bodies V: Van Wilder’s Sophomore Romp and you don’t even feel like thinking about the answer because you’re wondering if you should go ahead and open that Internet bank account, but jeez that’s a big change, so you say “Go Google it.” And then something happens, I don’t know, he Googles it or something and learns about that guy, I guess, I’m not really clear on the point of the story or the point of the blog post at this point.


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